quinta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2011

E vivam os reis...

... magos de todos os tempos.

foto: Dias de reyes magos - Juan Fuentes


We Three Kings - Jennifer Avalon.

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  1. Wonderful posts but I must say that they Red Poppy is so beautiful. I hope your week is going well!

  2. Teca,
    Lovely pair... looks comfortable, my wife would love it... Nicely framed...


  3. Nice pair of shoes...lovely picture Teca.

    Hugs, Joop

  4. Que chulos... aynsss estos reyes.... jajaja

    Saludos y un abrazo.

  5. Espero que los reyes se hayan portado muy bien contigo. Besos Teca!

  6. Mais um belissimo post, com uma foto simples mas magnifica.

  7. Que los tres reyes te colmen de buenas cosas.
    Como dice Carlos, foto simple a la vez que magnífica.
    Mil saludos

  8. Randy, thank you for nice wishes.
    I hope you're good!

    Faysal, yeah!
    And I'm glad you here again!
    Kiss. ;)

    Wong, I think it's the wife of Juan. :))
    Kisses, dear.

    Antonio, eu achei eles tão singelos...
    Abraços, poeta.

    Daniele, obrigada!

    Amin, thank you, honey!

    Werse, os reis sempre trazem bons fluidos.
    Muito amor para você, amiga!

    Carlos, bom te ver aqui...
    Beijo carinhoso.

    Warlock, a simplicidade me encanta...
    Um beijo.

  9. Teca, me recuerda a mi tierra y al flamenco como parte de nosotros, tan cerca de tí!!

  10. I got sort of lost reading the youtube caption..was funny, I saw the words "calm down, your still tripping"..well it was easy cause I previously took a pain killer (lol)..and I'm sure you didn't only want a comment on those fetching shoes (ha ha).. I understand there was no specific date (in regard to the wisemen)- true..maybe the grey area? I mean, everything seems like juggling.. you can have truth and a counterfeit but still be off center..spotlight on the grey maybe? Thoughts..
    Ok..the shoes look lovely- wishing you a sunny day Teca~

  11. My small new laptop is really slow and super delayed..I'm staring at my comment above and notice all these typos..yikes..a bunch of words are capitalized that shouldn't be too? Anyway, I meant to say, "I'm sure you did not only want a comment on those fetching shoes" My best Teca~

  12. Penélope, que bom que esse post foi um abraço pra você. Beijos.

    Regina, don't worry about the mistakes of your last comment and either you're writing a lot. I like to read what you write to me. I really enjoy your visit. Your presence makes me happy. Come ever! Write all you want! Besides, I'm not fluent in English, I also make lots of mistakes.
    A great weekend, dear.
    Many hugs and kisses.

  13. Thank you Teca for your warmth and kindness- have a lovely weekend!

  14. Regina, you're always welcome!
    Thank you to be here!
    Many kisses.

  15. that may be a gal's shoe..

    it is so neat,
    its beautiful,
    its colorful,
    so cute..
    that may be a gal's shoe..

    so some boy put a flower on it..

    nice pic..

  16. arvind, I loved your words... thank you!